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Outreach: Exploring Nuclear Physics @INPC2019

Date: Tuesday 30th July and Wednesday 31st July

Our nuclear science exhibit presents cutting edge research being undertaken both in the UK and internationally, exploring the production of elements in our universe, fundamental nuclear physics, their impact on everyday life and even the structure of subatomic particles.

Join us as we explode stars, probe the inside the proton, and explain how we investigate these extraordinary processes, from sites as large as a galaxy to smaller than the nucleus of an atom.

Through a variety of interactive installations, multimedia presentations and expert discussion, researchers in these fields hope to give you an insight into what makes these scientific endeavors so interesting, and so important.

Our activities will run before and after the public lecture by Professor Jim Al-Khalilli on Tuesday 30th July, as well as on the dedicated outreach day on Wednesday 31st July. Admission is free and the events are suitable for people of all ages.

Tickets for our event on Wednesday 31st can be pre-booked at  

However admission on the door is also available.

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline [EXTENDED]:

8 February 2019

Exhibitors early registration deadline [EXTENDED]:

30 March 2019

Early registration deadline:

17 June 2019

Accommodation deadline:

17 June 2019

Poster submission deadline:

28 June 2019

Registration deadline:

19 July 2019

Paper submission deadline [EXTENDED]:

11 October 2019

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